I don’t know anything as an expert. I never have and never will. I know a lot about DIY and religion and my childhood and quite a lot about programming which keeps the money coming in. But I am not an expert. Not someone you could go to on a particular subject and feel as though you should have to accept what I say. But have a think on this.

I bought some paracetamol the other day in a supermarket. There were 16 in a box. I also bought some Ibuprofen 16 in a box. If that is just for me that is fine it would last about 3 days when I have a bad head and sore joints and a head cold.

I was doing shopping for the family though and they had head colds. So I couldn’t buy any for them. But I could from the next till. And I could by going to the pharmacy on the way out near the exit. So I did. And so did my kid in tow.

So I amassed the grand total of 192 tablets of Paracetamol, Migraine relief, ibuprofen. and cold relief for stuffy nose, period pain relief, all in boxes of 16.

I had to jump through hoops and concentrate to make it all work and not to lose my rag and get cross with these people who were after all only following the stupid legislation.

Now, I am depressed, and I suppose I could be planning a suicide so maybe that kind of quantity would be enough to do me harm, but I am sure there would be easier ways, not that I have any intentions at all.

At Christmas I bought bottles of Vodka and wine and Gin and Malibu and sherry and cans of beer and boxes of Wine , and then a little more wine, and I hardly drink.

Nobody tried to stop me from doing that, I was told to get the bigger bottle of Gin because they were cheaper as they were on an offer, nobody said that’s too much I can only sell you two bottles of booze at a time. My kid could not have bought any, being under 18.

So if she is under 18 and can’t buy alcohol, but could buy 2 boxes of painkiller, three times in the same shop, there is something wrong there.

If as an adult I can buy booze for the family party, and can’t buy pain killers when we are all stuffed up and ill, (there are 6 of us so we get through loads of everything) then there is something wrong there too.

I think I am right in saying that in the USA the boxes only have 12, perhaps thats why there are so many alcoholics portrayed on US TV, because its easier to get hold of.

My thought on the matter is, if its off prescription then I should be trusted to buy it. If it can be off prescription then it should be, I’m an adult and can work it out. If it needs moderating then write that on the box so as an adult I can read it. A 12 year old can work out how to get around the system.

I hate being molly-coddled, treated like someone who doesn’t know, like I say I’m no expert, but I am an adult and I can read and I know how to not do my-self harm. I think alwost every one knows not to take too much stuff that can be dangerous. Even with class ‘A’ drugs, people who are idiots or out of their mind and have no real respect for their own lives, manage most of the time to manage their dose.

The usual thing people do on blogs seems to be to rant and rave either about their pet love or their pet hate. Mostly this comes across to me in a negaitve way.

I want mine to be positive, I am trying, which goes against my nature, I know.

So here we are, I positively think I should be able to buy what I need, and what I want. I take my meds seriously. I am no expert but I know how to cure my own headache, in just the same way as I know what caused it. (see basket of booze).


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Hengist The Nord

Married with children. 53 , programmer, blogger, yahoo answerer,good guy, like things to be done properly by everyone else but not so fussy about myself

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