Sex and Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Getting ones life in order is, I think, a good aim. Drifting and letting life happen without attempting to steer it ends up far away in the middle of nowhere.

Under Well Being of the Clean Sweep Assessment are a couple of aims that have a common thread. Stuff you put in your brain. I’ve thought a lot about that recently.

  • I rarely use caffeine. (Chocolate, coffee, colas, tea)
    less than 3 times per week, total.
  • I rarely eat sugar. (Less than 3 times per week).
  • I rarely watch television. (Less than 5 hours per
  • I rarely drink alcohol. (Less than 2 drinks per week)

So I tried getting off caffeine and for about 3 weeks I had a splitting headache that felt like someone was slowly peeling off my skull away from my brain with a claw hammer. This was on top of the headache which is ever-present since starting Citalopram for depression and stress, that one is a drilling of a hole from in front of the left ear to the back of my right eye where I hear a constant whistle.

I then had a high energy extra caffeine ‘Monster’, my headache was instantly gone.


A bit of research on the inter-web-net-thingy led me around a merry dance of discovery.     So caffeine is by implication bad for you in Clean Sweep Assessment, it was good for me though. It works with the paracetamol for my headache and Ibuprofen for joint pain and Citalopram and I feel better and with a clear head, and not a dull forgetful sense of head pain and bewilderment.

I have cut down on sugar, and TV although not to those levels. I guess the idea is that you go and do something less boring instead, and taste things as they are. But being depressed seems to make it difficult for me to do anything new. Life seems to taste dull and uninteresting, TV and sugar add a little extra taste.

Alcohol is off-limits. I cannot tolerate alchohol in any measure or within a very short space of time, never mind peeling my skull back, it is more like a nuclear storm going on for hours. I dont mind. I used to have a drink very occasionally and not to any excess and don’t miss it at all.

Ian Dury

So, why the title? I watched the film the other day, (is that watching TV?, I would like to argue not) of the same name. It’s a reflection on the life of Ian Dury. I liked the music as a teenager, the chorus is so catchy it makes you feel good.

And that is the point. If you don’t feel 100% you need to find something that changes things. Putting good things in your brain, not bad stuff like negative thoughts, alcohol and  such like. I don’t need to be a slave to this list but to consider each point as an adult and make an informed plan of what I need for the moment to clean my life and achieve a balance in it.

But Chocolate and caffeine can be good for depression, sex is difficult but it makes one feel valued, Rock ‘n’ Roll lifts the spirits, makes me relax and gives me an identity. The right films and intelligent TV, stimulates and educates the mind. Alcohol can be a social lubricant in moderation (if not taking anti-depressants).

So the song should be ‘Sex(in an ongoing stable monogamous relationship) and anti-depressants(with chocolate, caffeine, paracetamol and Ibuprofen but not alcohol) and Rock ‘n’ Roll and TV (BBC 2 and Discovery), Sugar Sugar’.

But that’s not quite so catchy.


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Hengist The Nord

Married with children. 53 , programmer, blogger, yahoo answerer,good guy, like things to be done properly by everyone else but not so fussy about myself

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