Random Words

I tried reading the Qur’an once. It was a bit poetic but did not mean anything to me. The Bible seems a bit like that too at the moment. It seems irrelevant to me and life today. I guess people write or remember sayings or thoughts that mean something to themselves and try to pass it on. The internet seems to be flooded with ‘wise’ sayings and ‘famous’ quotes, many have been made up, or have modified original thoughts, or may even be genuine quotes.

I came across this thought through StumbleUpon, so someone must like it. It was a picture which exists in many places so I have no idea where it originates or who said it or why, but that is the ignorance of the ill educated internet, not me.

Be confident. Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be something we aren’t. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses, and it is only when you accept everything you are and you aren’t that you will truly succeed.

So, I like the first bit. I have mostly been confident to the point of arrogant. Yes I wished I was one of the ‘beautiful people’ and rich and respected . I never have been and I accepted long, long ago that actually I didn’t really want to be like that, because most people like that are shallow. I had self-respect and values enough, and I guessed that there were many who would look at me, my wife, stable marriage, good upbringing and education, family, cars, caravan and job and lively church and holidays abroad and wish they had it half so good – I had enough, and did not need more.

I have strengths and weaknesses. I am discovering though, that what I thought were my strengths, are not so strong in the opinion of others. Now, that hurts, that takes more thinking about. Then (in the past) I accepted what I thought I was. I knew what I thought were my weaknesses. I did accept everything as I thought I was and was not. I was, looking back on it, sort of happy and content.

BUT – This like so many other sayings or the internet is FALSE. It sounds like good thoughts, but it isn’t, its inadequate. It is not grounded against any other measure other than self. The only thing you succeed in being, through following the ‘advice’ or moral above, is being a self-richeous, shallow prat.

I think you need to be careful that “you accept everything you are and you aren’t” in the same way as other people see you. What you are and are not needs also to be accepted fully by those around you. If you can’t truly do that, and be that, then you’re fooling no-one but yourself, and you are nowhere near ‘succeeding’ in life.


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Hengist The Nord

Married with children. 53 , programmer, blogger, yahoo answerer,good guy, like things to be done properly by everyone else but not so fussy about myself

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